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How to Have More Energy Starting Today

January 04, 2018

We all want more energy to do the things we love. Energy is both personal and universal.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , energy is “Qi,” the life force within all things. In Ayurveda, it’s “Prana”.

In the Western world, energy is defined as chemical energy or (ATP) in the body.

No matter what you call it, you need energy to survive and thrive. Your body is trying to tell you something if you always suffer from fatigue.

It may be calling out for more nutrition, water, rest, or stress management. Other times, something may be going on that requires your attention.

In the case of long standing fatigue, like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia, professional guidance is often required to get energy levels back on track.

Loss of energy is one of the top reasons people visit their physician today.

Dealing with fatigue and low energy clearly makes day-to day tasks difficult, and at its worst, next to impossible.

If you are suffering from fatigue, lifestyle changes can help you have more energy…starting today.

Lifestyle Changes You Can Make for More Energy

Wake up & hydrate.

Hydration is especially important in the energy scheme because water jump-starts metabolism, transports nutrients to cells, and sends toxins out through the elimination system.

If you wait until you’re thirsty to drink, there’s a good chance you’re already dehydrated.

Start every day with a glass of water, and make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day.

For people who don’t like the taste of water, add a little lemon or lime. Fruit infused waters are a highly popular choice today.

Drink green drinks & smoothies.

If your energy drops in the afternoon, have a smoothie or green superfood drink.

Nutritious smoothies contain a wealth of energizing nutrients like chlorophyll, antioxidants, vitamin C, minerals, and enzymes.

High chlorophyll superfoods like wheatgrass, barley grass, and spirulina, in particular, help transport oxygen to the cells, revitalizing foundation energy.

If your body is fatigued from low nutrition, having a daily smoothie or green drink will often work right away.

Don’t skip protein.

People often overeat carbohydrates (especially refined carbohydrates) in an effort to boost energy when the body really needs protein.

A diet low in protein can mean low stamina, poor mood, and reduced immune response.

Be aware that surgery or a long standing illness can use up your body’s protein stores fast.

During high stress times or after sickness, you need to take in extra protein from healthy foods like organic poultry or eggs, beans, and legumes to support worn-out tissues.

Walk it off.

Take a brisk walk in the fresh air, especially if you sit a lot for work. A walk revives energy and relieves anxiety that may be draining you.

Taking a walk once a day, for twenty to thirty minutes, increases metabolic rate, enhances lymph flow, and brings oxygen into your cells. A little exercise does so much!

Another choice is to go for a swim. Just start with a few laps in a cool pool. You may be surprised how quickly your body is energized by swimming!

Try aromatherapy.

Certain essential oils provide an instant energy lift. Japanese research shows adding the scent of lemon (citrus limon) at a busy worksite produced a 54% decrease in errors!

I recommend adding a few drops of an essential oil like peppermint, lemon (my favorite), or rosemary to a diffuser for 10-15 minutes a day to increase energy and enhance mood.

Consider supplementing with CoQ10 (ubiquinol).

CoQ10 (ubiquinol) can increase ATP (chemical energy) and oxygen utilization in the body.

CoQ10 is naturally present in every cell of the body, but is found in higher concentrations in organs with higher energy requirements (kidneys, liver, and heart). 100-300 mg daily is a good dosage.

Add adaptogenic herbs like maca, ginseng, and schisandra to your natural energy program.

Adaptogens are ideal for people who want long-term energy supportwithout overstimulation.

A 2013 study shows Asian ginseng improves energy levels in people with unexplained fatigue.

Adaptogens strengthen and build your body’s resistance to toxic stress reactions that lead to exhaustion. Most adaptogens are also powerful antioxidants which energize the body.

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

Your body is very intelligent. It’s designed to focus energy according to your ever-changing needs and wants.

You can help it along with the right nutrition, lifestyle, and supportive supplements.

From a spiritual perspective, low energy may be caused by a lack of joy in your daily life. Remember that what brings you joy also brings you energy.

Play your favorite music, make time to go dancing, or learn to meditate. If you love to learn, take a class in something you’re passionate about.

Using a total mind-body approach for energy will bring quick results for most people.


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