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About Us

If you are here because you are feeling stressed or because you want to get some good sleep - we get you. We truly understand. 

It can be hard to live a great life when you are stressed out, maxed out, or exhausted.  Calm Botanicals is dedicated to helping you live the fullest life possible. That is why we are passionate about providing the most effective and truly safe products for stress, anxiety, sleep, and immunity. Those four pillars are the key to being able to live life to the fullest.. and we've got you covered. 

About Our Products

All of our products are of the highest quality. Our products are made in small batches from farm to bottle, with many of our herbs grown on a 2,000 acre buffalo farm in Wyoming. 

100% Natural, Effective & Safe

  • Our formulas use only whole herb formulations, which is the safest way to use herbs long term and for the greatest result. 
  • Our liquid herbal formulas are the most effective and fastest way to use herbs for lifestyle wellness. 
  • Adaptogenic herbs are used in our formulas because they are proven safe for daily use and are very beneficial for optimal health.