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The Guide to Conquering Stress & Living A Life You Love

Stress is one of the main factors that can truly affect the quality of your life. It is difficult if not impossible to enjoy the good things in life when your days and your actions are filled with stress. Our main mission with this website is to help you to become bigger than your stress and to build resiliency towards the stressors that may come your way.

This guide shares with you all of the top tools you can use to have a profound effect on the stress in your life. Let’s get started!

Herbs for Stress

Herbs are one of the most effective tools you can use when you are stressed out. There are two groups of stress herbs that are particularly important, adaptogenic herbs and nervine herbs.

Adaptogenic herbs help to support the various systems of the body. Many are excellent for supporting stress health as well as for helping to calm the nervous system.

Nervine herbs are herbs that either help to support the nervous system or calm and sedate the nervous system.

Both work very effectively to alleviate both acute and long-term stress.

The key to being successful in using herbs for stress is to take them regularly and to use the highest quality herbs you can find. I personally think that liquid extracts are the most effective and fast acting when it comes to using adaptogenic and nervine herbs.

Learn more about using herbs for stress…

Aromatherapy for Stress

The use of essential oils to help overcome stress has been shown effective through thousands of years of use and through recent scientific research. The art of using aromatherapy for stress health is a quick and easy way to help your stress reaction in the moment. Apply some of the specific essential oils for stress and within minutes you can feel the difference.

Therapeutic essential oils work in a similar way to how herbs work on the nervous system. However, instead of ingesting them, you will absorb them through your skin or inhale them into your respiratory system and then onward to your blood. This all happens within minutes.

Some methods of using aromatherapy for stress are through inhalation or by applying them to your skin. For inhalation, you can put essential oils into an aromatherapy diffuser and the particles will be dispersed throughout the air. Topical use of essential oils can through a lotion or oil blend as well as in a bath.

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One of the most effective tools I have found, besides herbs, to help with stress is meditation. Meditation is very simple and can be done by anyone, at anytime, but regular use has the most profound effect.

There are many types of meditation that one can use. I find Vipassana Meditation and Presence Meditation to be the most useful for me. Jason, my husband, prefers Inner Sound Mediation. Finding the right type of meditation for you is key, I would begin with Inner Sound Mediation or an observing type of meditation such as Vipassana.

To benefit the most from meditation, it is more important to do it regularly for short periods of time, than to do long sessions irregularly. It is more about a daily practice than a dramatic one time episode.

Many people say they can not meditate because they can not get their thoughts to stop. Everyone who meditates continues to have thoughts come and go unless they have been practicing meditation for a very long time. This should not stop you.

Thoughts coming and going while you meditate will not prevent you from gaining the benefits from a regular meditation practice, even if it is only five minutes a day. It is the practice of meditation that is the key.

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Emotional Freedom Technique

Another simple tool that you can take and use anywhere, at any time, is a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique or “Tapping”. EFT is a form of self acupressure therapy using the tips of your fingers to tap on certain points on your face and upper body. It only takes a few minutes to use but is really powerful, especially in the moment of a stressful situation.

EFT can be used for anything in your life. This included stress, emotional issues, fears and phobias, weight loss and overcoming addiction. It is a very powerful tool that is free for anyone to learn and use.

I personally have used EFT to overcome my fear of flying. A couple of years ago my husband and accomplished our dream of traveling around the world for a year. That trip included 23 flights and EFT is what helped me to not only get through those flight, but getting past my fear and enjoying them. I only had to do refreshers when I would be flying in a smaller plane than I was used to. Powerful stuff!

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Secrets to Creating More Time in Your Day

One of the main stressors that we hear about is not having enough time in the day to get everything done. I personally experience this and have made it one of my focuses to learn how to become a “Time Bender”. As I have taken this on, I have found various ways to actually create more time in my day. Yes, everyone has the same 24 hours, but how are you using your time? Check out this series to see the secrets to creating more time in your day.


Money comes in as one of the top reasons why we get stressed out. Exploring our relationships towards money, how we manage money, our money “type”, and looking at what we are saying to the world and universe about money all have an impact on our finances.

Learning to manage finances and improving our relationships with money can make a big difference in our experience of life. If money is a major cause of stress for you, check out our Money Stress Series.

The Stress Diet/Foods That Help to Reduce Stress

We have looked at many areas of life where you can impact and overcome stress by using simple tools. But diet is a very important one. Many do not realize the connection between diet and stress.

There are foods which can stress the system and there are foods that can help reduce stress. Eating a whole food rich, colorful, alkaline diet can have dramatic effects on your stress levels and how calm you feel in general.

I go into full detail in The Stress Diet, but the summary is to flood your body with antioxidants, minerals, and superfoods. This will hlep you to be full of energy and able to fight off free-radicals and inflammation in the body as well as to have a strong immune system so you won’t get knocked down so easily.

Avoid foods that are acidic, overly fatty, or void of life force as these will “bring you down”. One of the best parts of eating for stress health is that you can feel a difference within one to two weeks along with many other benefits as well.

Burnout prevention and recovery

An important part of stress management is to prevent burnout from happening. Burnout is when you have pushed yourself too far and have depleted all of your internal energyand life force. Burnout looks like:

  • Pure exhaustion
  • Can’t put a full thought together
  • Don’t want to get out of bed
  • Loss of all passion for things you were passionate about
  • Foggy brain
  • Memory loss
  • Catch cold frequently
  • Lost your zest

As someone who has gone through burnout twice, you don’t want to go there. If you have gone through it, or are experiencing it now, it is important to make a full recovery. Recovery is a multi-stage process, but it can be done and you will feel like yourself again. There are a series of therapies you can use to overcome burnout. You can also begin to support your body and life to prevent burnout starting today. Learn more about burnout recovery and prevention in my guide here.

Embrace the Journey

Now that you have access to some of the most effective tools available for overcoming stress, choose a couple of them and get started today. If you would like to get started with a complete stress health program, visit our store here.