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5 Quick Ways To Cope With Anxiety

January 04, 2018

Anxiety can hit you out of nowhere like a freight train.

Sometimes, there is no clear cause, and anxiety is still strong and ever present.

Other times, anxiety may be related to a stressful situation like giving a speech, getting on a plane, or an issue with your work or home life.

Whatever the cause, if you’re dealing with anxiety, here are five quick tips you can try to feel better right away.

Tips to Try

1. Practice controlled, calm breathing.

This is one of the best ways to overcome anxiety. Most people breathe very shallow or even hyperventilate when they’re experiencing anxiety.

Unfortunately, this is the absolute worst thing you can do. Disturbed breathing can reduce your oxygen levels and make you feel even more anxious. Practice calm, controlled breathing, breathing in slowly from your stomach.

Remind yourself your anxiety will pass. Turn on a Guided Meditation as you calm down to help change your stressful experience into something positive.

2. Try Positive Affirmations.

What you think and feel is powerful medicine against anxiety. People with anxiety are often full of fear, sometimes about things that aren’t even happening.

Negative self dialogue only worsens the anxiety. Affirmations can help turn around the negative self-talk and remind you that you’re going to be ok. You will get through this!

Here are a few affirmations I use for anxiety: My anxiety is passing. I’m safe and protected. The universe is taking care of all of my worries.

3. Use distractions.

For some people, this makes all the difference. If you’re dealing with anxiety, try to do some activities to coax your mind and body back to feeling normal. Take a walk, read a book, listen to music, or turn on a funny show.

I used to get anxiety when flying, but found it went away if I watched a funny movie or listened to music. In fact, it works so well I won’t ever fly without my headphones and iPad again.

4. Consider aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy helps calm and sedate a stressed nervous system. If you’re feeling anxious, try using a relaxing essential oil like Lavender, Frankincense, or Jasmine.

I like to use essential oils in a diffuser, aromatherapy roller ball, or in a hot bath. You don’t need much. Just add a few drops of your choice of oils to a carrier oil like jojoba oil.

5. Use herbs to calm anxiety.

Herbs like passionflower and kava kava offer powerful relief for “in the moment” anxiety or stress. Passionflower is especially helpful for anxiety that causes sleeplessness.

Kava kava is a nervine herb (herb for the nervous system) that relaxes the muscles and calms the mind. Serenity Now spray uses Kava Kava and Passionflower and is a good choice for mild anxiety.

Bonus: Herbs do not have a high risk of side effects or the addiction problems common to anxiety medications.

Round up

If you’re dealing with anxiety, consider natural therapies as a good starting point to your recovery.

Most issues with anxiety are temporary, and respond well to simple changes in diet and lifestyle.

The tips in this article can be used to help overcome “in the moment” anxiety and stress both naturally and safely.

Remind yourself that you will get through this! We’re here for you if you need support.