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How To Create a Bullet Proof Immune System

One of the pillars for an incredible life is the immune system and for good reason. Think about it, if you are feeling sick multiple times a year how many days does that take you out of the game of life? If you are susceptible to every cold or virus you come into contact with that is going to really affect your experience of life. That’s one of the reasons why we are so focused on supporting the immune system and helping the body to become stronger against the inevitable evil forces.

Here are the most effective natural health steps you can take to build a stronger immune system:


When it comes to diet there are foods that can help to support your immune system and there are foods that can tax it. You can read more about the Immune System Diet but in addition to a healthy diet here are some quick points to remember:

  • Eat spices like garlic, cayenne, ginger, cumin, turmeric and pepper daily
  • Eat healthy fats and oils daily
  • Eat lots of fiber
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Drink a green juice or powder daily
  • Eat probiotic rich foods
  • Eat prebiotic rich foods
  • Keep dairy consumption low

What you don’t eat is just as important as what you do eat. Avoid processed and factory raised/made foods as much as possible and look for the freshest most vibrant food products as possible.

Immune System Herbs

Herbs are such an easy and great way to build up and create a strong immune system. There are many different imuno-stimulating herbs one can choose from, but some of them are best taken short-term. The herbs we are going to focus in on are herbs that are safe for daily, longterm use and have shown incredible results for supporting the immune system.


Use Essential Oils

Essential oils excel at supporting the immune system. There are many essential oils that contain antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral and antibiotic compounds in them. One of the greatest benefits of essential oils is how easy they are to use and how quickly they can enter the body. They can be used as a preventative measure as well as a treatment when you are sick.

Through diffusing essential oils into the air you can also help the whole family to dodge the cold the littlest one brought home from school.

Learn more about using essential oils for immunity…


Your body is able to renew and repair during the time when you are sleeping. If you are not getting enough sleep then your body will not be able to fully recover from the day. If you add up a long row of sleepless nights you will become more and more susceptible to immune system attacks than if you were getting enough sleep.


The lymph system is an important part of the immune system, helping to eliminate white blood cells after they have been spent attacking and decapitating the foreign invader in your body. The only way that the lymph system moves around and out of your body is through movement. You can stimulate lymph drainage by doing some type of bouncing every day. It could be through running, walking, rebounding, or jumping rope. By doing as little as 5 minutes a day, you are helping your body to eliminate old white blood cells and get the old crud out. I personally use a rebounder that slides under my bed. After just 5 minutes of bouncing in the morning, I feel energized and ready to take on the day – well worth the small investment.


Essential for all functions in the body, drinking enough water is a must for a strong immune system. When I am possibly getting sick, I know that if I drink enough room temperature water, it helps everything to move – including the mucus that would have otherwise accumulated in my system. Water is wonderful. Repeat after me… water is our friend.

If you were to come over to our house, you would find out that we are water connoisseurs and have all kinds of water purifiers and enhancers. It makes drinking water just that much more interesting.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress can impact the immune system. When you are stressed out, many of your normally functioning systems will “power-down” to respond to the fight or flight message your body is getting from the constant stress – including your immune system.

I rarely get sick, but when I do it is generally after a very stressful week or a week of poor eating and habits. Stress affects every corner of our lives, including our relationships and health. A compromised immunity is part of the result, but you can take steps to build up your immune health over time, and become more resilient against the latest bug.

Now that you have some ideas on how to support the immune system, know that it will take time to build up and create a stronger immune system. Herbs, essential oils, diet, and lifestyle habits can all make a big difference. What have you found to make the biggest difference for your immune health? Please share!