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Video: Is Your STUFF Making You Stressed?

January 04, 2018

I’ve recently become aware of minimalism and consequently, how much I’m NOT a minimalist and how much stuff I have.

Since stress is such a big topic and such a focus of the work that we do, I wanted to talk about your stuff and all the things that you own.

Is your stuff causing more stress in your life?

Our Stuff Takes Up Our Space, Time, and Energy

For me, personally, I didn’t actually realize that having cluttered space, having so many things around me, was making me stressed out.

It was also the maintenance of those things. It was worrying and wondering what next thing I was going to purchase, making sure that I had everything that I needed (and I needed multiple of them).

There’s this whole world created around stuff that I think a lot us don’t realize because everyone’s doing it.

It’s all around us and we’re constantly being told through advertising that we need even more stuff and we need to have a lot of “things”.

This idea, this message, really won’t make sense to you if you’re not in the right place to receive it. You need to be in a place where this is what you need to hear right now. I happen to have been in that place very recently.

You may have heard of the book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. It’s about this method of tidying up your house that really gives an essence and a life to the things that you own.

You start thinking about things differently and making sure there’s a place and a purpose for everything that you own.I think this book started this path for a lot of people, myself included.

For me, what I started realizing was that my stuff was starting to take up so much space around me that I didn’t have a lot of clarity to work and to do the creative things that I needed to do.

The second thing that I realized was how much time and energy I’m spending keeping my house clean or taking away the clutter.

So, I just wanted to put a question out there for you to possibly contemplate in your life. Is your stuff causing you stress?

How is Your Stuff Causing You Stress

  • Is it causing you stress in your space, in taking up space in your life?
  • Is it causing you stress because of the time it takes to maintain it?
  • Is it causing you stress because you feel like you have to make more and more money so you can buy more and more things?
  • Are you stressed out because you need to buy or afford this, or get that, or buy that big house, and so on?

Just ask that main question to yourself and explore. See what the answer is for you, in your life.

If you’re feeling really stressed out, what’s your environment like?  Is your stuff causing you stress and if it is, what can you do about it?

There’s a lot of different things you can do so just the inquiry is where I ask you to begin. Then the answers and the solutions will follow.

I can tell you that the more that I am getting rid of stuff, the more space I’m creating in my life, the more time I have, the less stress I feel, and the less things weigh on me. It’s really an interesting experience.

Explore this question and try to make the needed changes so that you’re living a fuller life, a very purposeful and happy life that you’ve got enough energy and drive for.

Help yourself to have this area of your life taken care of and time for the things that you enjoy. Good luck!