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Video: How to Use Herbs to Reduce Stress

January 04, 2018

Stress is a common problem, affecting our daily lives. However, there are things that you can do, using herbs and natural therapies, to reduce your stress.

There are a few different reasons why I like to use herbs specifically for stress: 

  • They’re natural.
  • They’re non-addictive.
  • There are no side effects.
  • They work very quickly but they also help you over the long term.

Types of Herbs

There are a couple of different types of herbs you are going to use to help reduce stress, adaptogenic and nervine herbs.

Adaptogenic Herbs 

These are herbs that help to build up systems of the body. That means they help to strengthen various systems such as the endocrine or nervous system, making them stronger so that you are able to become more resilient.

Resiliency means you are able to face the stress in your daily life and become stronger against it. So something that might stress you out a lot today won’t affect you as much a couple of weeks from now, once you’ve begun using adaptogens.

Adaptogens help to strengthen, tonify, and improve overall health. There are adaptogens for different types of things and different parts of the body so for stress, I work with adaptogens that are specifically for stress.


These are herbs that have a direct effect on the nervous system. They can be sedating, calming, stimulating, supporting, or strengthening.

These herbs have a direct effect on the nervous system so they can instantly make you calm, help you to fall asleep, take you down a notch. They’re amazing.

The difference between adaptogenic and nervine herbs are that adaptogens are used long term. They’re going to help build up the system.

Nervines, meanwhile, are very nourishing to the nervous system and they help to have an immediate effect on it. The two types work a little bit differently but they work fantastically together.

Ways to Use Herbs for Stress

First, you have to understand that you are not going to just use herbs once and then never have stress again in your entire life. You need to use them regularly over a period of time to get the results you seek.

You will get results right away, they just get even better over time. You’ll notice, over time, that you become happier, healthier, and things don’t make you as mad or as stressed-out as they used to.

Liquid Extracts

I love using liquid extracts because they work so quickly. They go straight into the system, they bypass the liver, and you’re able to get the benefits right away.

When you are stressed out, you want your results within minutes instead of waiting a 1/2 hour, hour for something to digest.

Use of Aromatherapy

For example, lavender is a great herb for reducing stress especially when you use it in essential oil or liquid extract form. It’s been shown through various studies to help with all kinds of different stress and also with pain.

That’s just one example. There’s a lot of different herbs I work with, from Chinese Medicine to Ayurvedic to Western herbalism, to help with stress.

I talk about herbs for stress because I feel like it’s  one of the most effective things you can use to get results right away, both in the moment and long term.

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