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Transform Job Stress into Success

January 04, 2018

If you’re working, job stress is at least a small part of your life.

While it’s important to stay grateful for work, there’s no denying that with any job comes a certain amount of stress.

Issues with co-workers, deadlines, or just feelings of being overwhelmed can be enough to send anyone’s stress levels soaring.

We need tools to deal with job stress just like we do with family or relationship stress. We can maintain a positive attitude for our jobs while addressing the fact that they can be stressful.

Here are my best tools for transforming job stress into success. Start here to help yourself become happier and less stressed at work.

Tools to Use

Learn your company culture.

Make sure it’s a good fit for you. Is your company culture based on communication between departments?

Is it based on strong hierarchy? What is the preferred style of communication?

Whatever the culture is, you need to adapt to fit in, thrive, and be successful in that environment.

There are other companies to explore if your current company culture isn’t a good fit for you.

Address stress early.

Whenever possible, start each day with a meditation session followed by some light exercise. A daily mindfulness practice helps you stay calm and on task at work.

Just 30 minutes of exercise can get your stress relieving endorphins flowing. When you get to work, you will already be relaxed.

Remember to take short breaks when you need them.

Allow at least 30 minutes each day for a healthy lunch. Bring your lunch from home for the best nutrition.

Include fresh fruit, vegetables, and high quality protein to keep blood sugar levels stable. You need nutritional fuel to keep your energy levels up and stress down.

Keep nervine herbs at your desk.

Nervine herbs like ashwagandha and passionflowers help calm mild anxiety and support proper nervous system functioning. You will be able think more clearly with a little help from nervine herbs.

I use Calm Mind Daily Tonic to help me concentrate on hard mental tasks. If you’re already stressed out, try Serenity Now spray. Serenity Now helps to diffuse in the moment stress and strong emotions.

Avoid office drama.

Disengage with problem coworkers. You don’t have to be part of any negative office gossip.

Keep your communications respectful and attentive.

Work as a team and you will be amazed by how much more productive everyone is. Focus on people’s strengths and capitalize on those. Ask if you can help if you see a coworker is having a challenge.

Pursue training.

A lack of preparation and training increases your job stress. Work on any areas where you don’t have enough experience or have struggles.

Ask for on the job training or to attend a seminar if you need support. Most employers recognize how important this is for the success of their company.

If you’re the boss, take time to invest in yourself. Purchase research materials or sign up for a course if you need to learn more in your field.

Respond don’t react to stressful situations.

Avoid strong emotional reactions at work. Remain neutral and logical if a problem arises.

Take a moment to get grounded and think the situation over before reacting. Reach out to your manager or trusted colleague if you need input.

If you’re the boss, ask an experienced associate for advice. Even the toughest of situations can be improved by a little forethought and care. You’ve got this!

Prioritize your tasks.

Focusing on your priorities will help you to grow your success, not just scrape by with the daily grind.

Try this simple technique: Make a list of 3 important tasks to do each day. The tasks you choose should help you to reach your end goals.

They could be working on a project that brings in additional income, working on a long range deadline, or reaching out to an important contact.

Save less critical tasks like running reports or data entry for later in the day.

Transform Job Stress into Success

Wherever you’re at in your career, don’t let stress get in the way of your happiness and success. There are many creative ways to manage daily stress, and become more productive.

Recognize where you have challenges and address them. Stay focused on the positive changes you’re making.

In just 1 month, your whole work life will change! Imagine what will happen after a year of consistent change.

If you’re still struggling, ask yourself if you’re working in the right field. I’m a strong believer that being passionate about your work is the pathway to true success and less stress.



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