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The 5 Laws to More Energy

January 04, 2018

Have you ever noticed those people that seem to have so much energy all of the time?

While you may have energy some days or during certain times of the day, they seem to have energy the entire day, every day.

I have met those people and wondered how I, too, could have that much energy – but without the burnout or draining my adrenals.

I know some people have a ton of energy because of coffee or caffeine. I am not talking about that path.

My goal is to have a lot of energy without using stimulants – to radiate it from within.

The good news is… I have figured it out. The secret is a combination of habits. Here is my 5 piece recipe for energy that anyone can use and get results.

1. Exercise

Energy begets energy. I have found that the more I exercise, the more energy I have. It’s a strange phenomenon.

If you are new to exercising, give yourself a few days to to get into the groove.

Once your first week or two are over, you will feel this amazing flow of energy which just continues to build upon itself.

It really does not matter what type of exercise you do as long as you enjoy it, and it is something you can do consistently.

I personally love to weight lift, run, and hike. They help to keep me mentally sane as well.

2. State of Mind

This one is a little bit deeper than the usual “top 5 list” type article. I have found that by learning to change my state of mind at will, I can have an impact on my energy levels.

What we are focusing on, the self talk, the images we are dwelling on, how we are holding our posture or body, can impact our energy.

Think about what your posture or body looks and feels like when you are run down and have low energy.

Most likely it is slumped, you have bad posture, a sad face of some sort, and so on.

Now think about what your body looks and feels like when you have a lot of energy.

You are most likely holding your head up high, your facial expression will be different as well as your posture and body language.

Bring yourself into a higher state of energy by mimicking what you do when you have high energy.

Lift up your head, smile, stand, whatever it is.

It takes some practice and some conscious thought, but it works and it works quickly.

3. Sleep

In order to have a lot of energy naturally, you need to be getting enough sleep.

While the number of hours per night might be slightly different for each of us, make it a priority to get not only enough sleep but also quality sleep.

This is the kind where you wake up refreshed and energized for your day. Learn how I set up my bedroom so I can get quality sleep every night.

You can’t expect to get the best from your body if you are not letting it repair and recuperate.

4. Diet & Water

Energy, health, and vitality are something that we can have a direct impact on through our habits, one of the most impactful habits being our diets.

What we eat affects every area of our life including our energy levels.

You can increase your energy by eating light and “energy rich” foods and drinking plenty of water on a daily basis.

I find I get the most energy when I eat a lot of plants, fruits, and healthy fats. Those aren’t the only foods you should eat; but for more energy, add more of them to your diet.

Juicing and smoothies are an easy way to get more veggies and energy into your diet.

Recently I have also started making smoothie bowls. They are antioxidant-packed breakfast bowls with acai, fruit, protein powder, greens, nuts and seeds, and whatever else you want to throw into them.

Smoothie bowls give me a great start to the day. Add some superfoods like bee pollen or maca and you are going to have a ton of energy.

Now, on to water. We all know we need to drink plenty of water to be healthy, but did you know that water can directly increase your energy levels?

Do a simple experiment for yourself. When you are low energy, go drink a quart of water and see how you feel 1 hour later.

Come back and let me know how the experiment went for you!

My daily minimum goal for water is 2 quarts a day. I figured that out by dividing my weight in two and drinking that in ounces.

5. Herbs

This last law is one of the secret tools I use in my arsenal. Herbs. Herbs are amazing at helping the body to naturally produce more energy.

The great thing is that herbs can help the body to produce more energy without depleting your adrenal glands, without the crash of caffeine, and can build up the health of your body over time as well.

I am not talking about any herb, there are specific herbs I use to help increase my inner energy.

I have created an herbal formula with a specific combination of adaptogenic herbs that help to increase my “chi” or my inner vitality and energy. The results have been amazing. It is called Innergy Daily Tonic.

I use my Innergy Daily Tonic formula twice a day. Once in the morning, in my breakfast brew, and then again around 1:00 in a big glass of water.

I also like to use it before I go work out or need that extra push.

How to get started….

I have shared with you 5 new habits that will increase your energy almost instantly. The real magic happens when you do all 5 habits on a daily basis. The best way to get started is to focus on one habit until it is a normal part of your life, then add the next one.

It does not matter what order you start in. Pick the one that is most interesting to you and just start. You will be bursting with energy in no time.

Check back in and let me know how it goes for you.