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Manifestation Boards: A Tool for Stress Relief

January 04, 2018

Creating a manifestation board is not some type of woo woo or fairy tale therapy.

It’s a therapeutic art form that can make a profound difference in the direction of your life.

For some people, creating a manifestation board helps them realize dreams that they never thought would be possible.

A manifestation board uses the law of attraction to help you create the life you desire. The more you think and visualize positive changes, the more you will attract a positive life and future.

If you’re feeling stuck or stressed, creating a manifestation board can help you unwind, and empower you to get closer to your goals.

You will be surprised at how many amazing things you are capable of attracting in your life through this simple art practice.

What is a Manifestation Board?

A manifestation board is also a called vision board. It’s a therapeutic collage that uses pictures, words, or anything that is meaningful to you to help bring that energy into your life. Manifestation boards are only positive and life affirming.

Meditating on a manifestation board or using it as a visual tool affirms your belief systems and goals. It keeps you focused on the positive steps you’re taking in your life.

By changing your focus, your whole life can change from using a manifestation board. Your manifestation board can become the artistic blueprint for a whole new life.

How to Get Started

First, release your fears.

Try deep breathing or mindfulness meditation to get calm and grounded. The future is really what you make of it. Open yourself up to the limitless possibilities of your life.

Get your crafting supplies:
  • For the board, use poster board or bulletin board.
  • For the display, use construction paper and cut outs from magazines, newspapers, or books.
  • I like to use crayons, paint, yarn, ribbon, and glitter on my boards.
  • Have scissors, glue or tape handy for placement.

You can also make a digital manifestation board if you like working on the computer more than paper.

Choose images online or from books or magazines to help you visualize the life you want to attract.

If you want to attract prosperity, use pictures that demonstrate abundance or financial success. If you want to take a dream vacation or move to the country, choose pictures of the places you see yourself thriving and happy.

If you would like to work on your health, choose pictures of an active lifestyle and nutritious foods. If you want to invest time in nature, choose pictures of the ocean, lush plants, and flowers.

Artistically place, glue, or tape your images on your board. Leave room for positive words, affirmations, or anything decorative that you like.

Choose words that you want to apply in your daily life.

A few examples: Love, Focus, Release, Energy, Health.
I like to write the words myself on colored construction paper and place them strategically on my board.
You can also find many affirmations online and glue them to your manifestation board.

Decorate your board at will.

Get creative and have fun. Use the colors and textures that bring you joy. As you work on your board, visualize your goals coming true. Meditate on them.

Create affirmations to say each day as you work towards your goals. A few examples: “My life is abundant.” “I am at peace.” “I am creating my best future.”

When you’re finished, keep your board in plain view in your bedroom or in your office to keep you focused every day.

A Manifestation Board Can Change Your Life

A manifestation board is powerful, therapeutic art form. Some people make multiple manifestation boards when they’re working on numerous goals.

It’s especially fun to have a manifestation board party with family or friends.

Dream big when creating your manifestation board. Believe in the power of attraction! Set your soul free with the possibilities for an exciting and fulfilling future



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