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Foods I Eat Daily For Optimal Health

January 04, 2018

Your diet is one of those secret tools that can make big changes for your quality of life.

Many people just look at food as something to eat or to avoid.

However, the foods that we put into our bodies can have such a great impact that it is one of my missions to spread the good word about good food.

When it comes to optimal health, there are many different foods that one can eat that will help to maintain health and overcome health issues. It can also help with your energy level.

Here I am sharing 3 of my everyday go-to foods that I make sure to eat for optimal health.

These foods are practical, easy to add to your diet, and make you feel great right after eating them.


Every day I have a smoothie and a juice. I usually have a juice for breakfast and a smoothie at lunch.

In my morning juice, I am able to infuse my body with the nutrients from:

  • 1 head of kale (minerals)
  • 2T Spirulina and chlorella (tons of protein)
  • Bee pollen (minerals and vitamins)
  • 9 oranges (energy, antioxidants, and vitamins)
  • 1 cucumber (water and minerals)
  • ½ bunch celery (electrolytes)
  • Ginger (circulation and immune system boost)
  • Turmeric (reduce inflammation and increase circulation in the body)

This gives me a ton of energy and antioxidants for my day. It also makes it easy for me to get my greens in.

My daily smoothie provides me with:

  • Bananas (energy and potassium)
  • Berries (antioxidants)
  • Coconut water (electrolytes and energy)
  • Spirulina and Chlorella or protein powder
  • 1 bunch of Spinach
  • Nut milk of some type

My smoothie is a filling one, providing me with energy, fiber, and nutrients to get me through the day.


Each day I make sure to include some type of beans in my diet. Lentils, black beans, hummus… whichever sounds the best to me at the time is what I eat.

Beans have lot of nutrients and fiber in them, making them one of the best foods to eat for energy and overall health. We all need to be getting a lot of fiber through the foods that we eat.

Fiber helps the body to cleanse itself and get rid of excess toxins, hormones, and keeps our digestive track moving and clear. They also taste great and are inexpensive.


The latest health craze has been to eliminate carbohydrates from the diet for weight loss. This is one of the biggest crimes against our bodies that I have run into all my years as a nutritionist.

Carbohydrates are fuel. Don’t cut them out or get rid of them from your diet. Whole, unprocessed carbohydrates are pure fuel for our bodies.

I have experienced the low carbohydrate diet while trying to have a fitness physique and had a foggy brain, low energy, and was constantly hungry.

It took so much work and calorie cutting to maintain my weight that it was not enjoyable or healthy.

Since switching to a diet rich in carbohydrates (and plants), I have had a ton of energy and lost weight.

I am now maintaining my healthy weight with no effort, while eating all of the plant based foods I desire.

I know many people are scared to eat carbs thinking that they get stored as fat.

This is not true if you are eating whole, unprocessed, carbohydrate foods like rice, potatoes, beans, fruits, etc. and a low fat diet (15% or less of calories from fat).

These are the three foods I make sure to include in my daily diet.

The great thing about adding these foods to your diet is that you will see and feel a difference within a day or two of starting to eat them.

Give it a try for yourself and see how it makes you feel and look.