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6 Steps to a Stronger Immune System

January 04, 2018

A year and a half ago my family and I moved from California to Colorado.

When I lived in California, I had not had a cold for over 3 years.

Once we arrived in Colorado, I caught a cold as soon as winter hit. During winter, everywhere I would go around town, I could hear coughing and sneezing.

Being as busy as I am with my companies, family, and outdoor activities, I did not want to get sick.

This is one of the first times I have had to really focus on my immune system. Here is what I have found to work.

Keep in mind that building the immune system takes time and persistence, but I do believe it has made a big difference.

1. Eat a plant-based diet.

Nutrition is the foundation for health no matter what way you look at it. By eating a plant-based diet, you are getting all the minerals, vitamins, fats, and antioxidants your body needs to function at its best.

You can eat a plant-based diet regardless of whether you eat meat or are vegetarian or vegan.

Just make sure a majority of the food you prepare and consume is from the earth – veggies, fruits, roots, leafy greens, potatoes, beans, lettuces, sprouts, nuts, and seeds.

2. Avoid processed foods and sugar.

Processed foods are low in nutritional value, void of vibrancy, and contain preservatives and additives that will affect the immune system. Your body needs the best nutrition it can get to function at its best.

Woman choosing between Fruits and SweetsSugar can also compromise your immune system. A study has shown that sugar suppressed the ability of white blood cells to take in and kill bacteria. This effect lasted for up to 5 hours after ingesting the sugar.

Take a look at the nutritional panel of the foods you eat and see what the sugar measurements are.

You will be surprised at how much sugar is in the foods you were eating regularly. Sodas, candy, and sweeteners come to mind when you think about sugar.

They do have a ton, but there are other foods that contain high amounts of sugar as well, such as flavored yogurts, cereals, and many packaged foods.

Choose plain yogurt and add fresh fruit to it. Choose a low sugar cereal, sweetening it with stevia or a little bit of honey.

3. Use herbs to help boost the immune system quickly and for the long term immunity.

Herbs are amazing at helping to support the immune system. Not only are they very effective during a cold, but they also can help to build the body’s immune system over time.

I mention herbs third on this list because if your diet is not healthy and you are eating a lot of processed and sugary foods, herbs will not be as effective.

There are two ways to use herbs to help support the immune system. The first way is to help build and strengthen the immune system using adaptogenic herbs.

Adaptogenic herbs help to build up and support specific systems of the body.

With regular use, certain adaptogens have been shown to increase the body’s ability to respond to viruses, mutant cells, and so on.

Learn more about some of my favorite adaptogenic herbs for the immune system…

The other way to use herbs is when you feel you are catching a cold or already have one.

There are many different herbs that can cut the length of a cold in half, soothe the discomforts of being sick, and help the body to overcome and recuperate more quickly.

When using herbs during an acute situation, you will generally need to increase the frequency that you are taking them. Learn more about the best herbs for overcoming a cold…

4. Have a stress management plan.

shutterstock_222885106Being stressed out day after day has been shown to lower your immune system.

A study was performed in which medical students were tested a month before exams and again, during exams.

They found that the students had a reduction in natural killer cells, which help fight tumors and virally infected cells, when tested during the stressful exam time, which shows that stress has an effect on immunity.

Having a plan or daily practice to reduce stress is an important part of an immune system program. You can use mind body techniques like EFT, herbs (my favorite), exercise, and meditation.

Choose something that interests you and use it every day for a stronger resilience towards stress.

Stress is not going away, but how much it affects you can lessen through the above suggestions. Learn more about how to overcome stress and live an awesome life…

5. Have healthy sleep habits.

Getting enough sleep can impact the health of your immune system and how susceptible you are to catching colds. A recent study showed that those who sleep less than 6 hours are more likely to catch a cold.

Sleep is the time when our body is hard at work rebuilding and recuperating. If you are in sleep deficit, this can catch up to you and lower your immunity.

If good sleep is something you are missing, learn more about how to get the best sleep of your life

6. Drink water and then drink more water.

This is one of the areas I have had to continually work at. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding dehydration are both necessary for a healthy immune system.

Find creative ways to drink more water so you are keeping your body hydrated and functioning at its best.

I like to add fruit or electrolytes to make water more interesting. I also drink a glass of water upon waking and before every meal I eat.

These habits will not only help support and build up a strong immune system, they are also going to help you have more energy and feel healthier.


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